Puppets with 2 Glove Hands!
GS2703 Policeman $44.99
GS2701 Dr Moody $44.99
GS2704 Fireman $44.99
Bible Character Puppets just $44.99 (click on picture for a larger image)
Puppets with a Heart
Goodie Bear $89.00

These wonderful puppets by Amaze Healing Wings have a removable heart that can hold an object to introduce your lesson or serve at the object for an object lesson.  The quality of workmanship means these puppets can serve as your sidekick for many years.  Darcie Maze and Elizabeth Sprague developed some wonderful skits to help your puppet minister to the hearts of children.

Scruffy $89.00
Scrappy, Eli & Scruffy just $89.00 each
Wooly Lamb $89.00
Fire Dogg with human arm $109.00
Puppet Bags for Fire Dog & Belmont Bear $29.99
Belmon Bear $109.00

Skit books just $7.99:

52 Lessons from the Heart

More Lessons from the Heart

Attitudes of the Heart

Character Lessons from the Heart

Healing in His Winds

Calming Kids in Crisis

Reaching and Teaching the Kids that Make You Crazy

Search & Rescue

Good News Problem Solvers

The Lamb's Life Manual


Puppet backpack $19.99

Training Videos just $15.99:

Puppetry Made Easy

Creative Kool Tools that Keep the Attention of Today's Kids

Teaching & Reaching the Kids that Make You Crazy