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Changeable Starter Set - $74.99! Includes Boy & Girl Changeable Puppets and Skit CD with 20 skits!

These lightweight puppets are great for all puppeteers - even the young or inexperienced!

The changeable puppets give you flexibility so you can expand your cast of characters with a change of hair, clothes, and legs.

Costumes are available for boy, girl, man, woman, doctor, fireman, policeman, Indian, colonial, prince, princess, cowboy, cowgirl, and woodsman, Bible man, Bible woman, angel and baby.


Skits on CD -Pre-Recorded so they are Easy to Use - Printable Scripts - Just $14.99 when you purchase 2 puppets!
Farm Animals Skit CD with dog & lamb $62.99
Animal puppets will delight your audience.  These skits are great for pre-school and primary age children!
Jungle Special - 2 Chimps and a skit CD for just $62.99

Big Puppet Starter Set

Boy & Girl Puppet with Skit CD Just $84.99

Choose skit CD 1,2,3, or 4 or

Get the Deluxe Big Puppet Starter Set

Boy & Girl Puppet with 4 Skit CDs --Just $119.99

Big Starter Set $84.99
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Clyde & Camille Special! 2 Puppets & 2 CDs of Pre-Recorded Skits just $99.99

Skits on CDs are:

  • A New Year's Resolution (telling others about Jesus)
  • He Loves Me (Valentine's Day, God loves each one)
  • Palm Sunday Parade (the coming of our Messiah Jesus)
  • Foolish for Food (the foolishness of being greedy)
  • Prepared to Go (being ready for Jesus' return)
  • A Father's Love (appreciating fathers and Father God)
  • Lo-Cal Camille (trusting God to overcome temptation)
  • Double Vision (Jesus heals man's blindness to sin)
  • Winners Never Quit (persistence brings good results)
  • Behind Bars (trusting God in dark places)
  • Thanks to Clyde (kindness to others pleases God)
  • Star Gazing (Christmas is a time to follow Jesus)