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Kids love these adorable and versatile animal puppets!

Animal puppets work great in any setting!
 Our animal puppets are cuddly and durable.
Kids love animals, and you'll be amazed at how quickly these full-body puppets grab the kids' attention. We have more than 200 to choose from - big and small.

See our MOST POPULAR Animal Puppets!

See some adorable Dog Puppets!

See some of our Farm Animals!

See some of our Forest Animals!

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  Finger puppets are great for little hands and little jobs in the classroom!
Finger puppets are inexpensive and easy to store but can be lots of fun in the classroom! Put a mouse in your pocket and bring him out whenever you need him! Use a brown mouse and a white mouse to make your own production of "A Country Mouse & A City Mouse" and let the children make the stage and backdrops! Sing your favorite songs, using finger puppets as the visual. Our lady bugs, bees($3.49 each) and chipmunks ($5.99 each) are so cute! See more Finger Puppets!
Finger Puppet Mice just $3.99 each!
Kids love animal puppets! This Orangutan is easy to animate. #2270 $40.99

Puppet Poems!
Our puppet poems are great for short puppet interludes as part of a larger puppet show or just a moment or two in the classroom.

DPB is a collection of 21 unique Bible story poems for your puppet to recite - just $4.99 for the set.

DPC is a collection of 20 character-building poems for your puppet to recite - just $4.99 for set.

DPS is a collection of 30 Bible songs set to familiar tunes - $4.99 for the set.

These puppets surprise and delight their audience!
Rabbit in Watering Can #2404 $24.99
Raccoon in a Can #2321 $24.99
Rabbit in a Hat #2269 $15.99

Hide your Bible verse for the day, or a picture of the missionary for the week inside the watering can, trash can or hat.  Choose a child who is being quiet to reach in and pull out the verse.  But please be careful not to tickle the bunny or raccoon--you never know when he might grab a hand and not want to let go!

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